Video: Jimbo Talks

These video links help to illustrate various concepts discussed in Economics for Everyone. Stand by for more additions in coming months!

The Zen of Economics: Why Wage Increases Matter (August 2017)

Understanding Why Free Trade Doesn’t Lift All Boats: CIGI Lecture (September 2016)

Jim Stanford: Negative Interest Rate Explainer (2016)

CBC National “Bottom Line” Panel: Why do Stock Markets Fluctuate, and Does it Even Matter? (2015)

Rhetoric vs. Reality: The Economic Record of the Harper Conservatives (2015)

Dispelling Myths about Minimum Wages, B.C. Federation of Labour (2014)

The Harper Government’s Economic Record, Common Causes anti-Conservative Teach-in, Calgary (2013)

How Austerity is Hurting Ontario’s Economic Recovery, TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paiken (2013)

The Positive Economic and Social Effects of Unions, Public Policy Forum Award (2011)

“Economic Literacy” for Bankers, TV (2011)

Economics 101: Canada’s Banks and the Crisis, Speech to Occupy Toronto Rally (2011)

“Out of Equilibrium”: Canada-EU Free Trade in the Real World (2011)

“The Curious Case of the Missing Recovery”: Lieutenant Stanfordo (2010)

“The CEO Hunter”: On the Trail of Bay Street’s Rarest Creature (2007)