Lesson Plans

To support the use of Economics for Everyone in union and popular economics courses, this section of the website provides a set of companion instructional materials… Read more

“How-To” Guides

For those readers of Economics for Everyone who want to jump into the deep end of real-world economic statistics and conduct your own research and fact-finding, here is a set of “how-to” guides that will help you locate, understand, and analyze data on various aspects of the capitalist economy…Read more

Further Reading

Many readers of Economics for Everyone will want to continue their exploration of economics with further inquiry. This document provides additional readings, corresponding to the major parts (and subject areas) covered in the book.

Download Further Reading (PDF)

Online Glossary

This downloadable glossary includes all terms highlighted in Economics for Everyone in small capitals.

Progressive Economics Organizations and Websites

It can be daunting (as an economics student, an activist, or just a plain ordinary citizen) to try to challenge the free-market pro-business assumptions of conventional economics. But remember this: you are not alone!

Around the world, critical-thinking, dedicated economists have formed think tanks, networks, and websites to build stronger bonds between progressive economists, engage more effectively with the rest of the economics profession, and provide alternative ideas and resources to those who are fighting for a better, fairer economy…Read more

Fun Stuff

Economics is called the “dismal science,” and these days that reputation seems well-desreved! However, let’s try to have as much fun as we can, even as capitalism melts down around us! (OK, let me rephrase that: let’s have fun precisely because capitalism is melting down around us!). Here you’ll find a couple of items to liven up your local popular economics course…Read more